The Fox Micron MX+ features much of the classic styling and design of the original Micron bite alarm, so if you’ve been a proud Micron owner since day one then you’ll already know your way around elements of this alarm. However, there are a number of key improvements the Fox has made to ensure this alarm outperforms anything they have released to this date.

With its cone speaker, to ensure a crisp and clear sound; a raised 5mm front LED, in blue rather than the traditional red; front rotational knobs, allowing quick and easy adjustment of tone and volume; and rubber ear inlays to prevent slippage, there is much that you will recognise from the original MX alarm. As the saying goes, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

However, the brand new MX+ alarm also features adjustable two stage sensitivity. This development allows you to be in full control of your alarm, as the sensitivity your alarm is set to can be highly dependant on the elements. On a windy day, or in a river with a stronger current, you may wish to have your alarm on a less sensitive setting than a clear calm day in still waters. The fully adjustable volume and tone means you can set your alarm to be as discrete or loud as you like.

The Micron MX+ also has enhanced electronics to maximise the battery life of the alarm – and since it is powered by two AAA batteries when you do need to change them you can simply pop down to your local shop rather than having to scout around for awkward battery sizes and shapes. With one power and one transmitter output, it is fully compatible with the TX-R Micro Transmitter. The Micron MX+ comes with its own hard case to keep the alarm protected in transit and storage.

If you have any further questions about the Fox Micron MX+, or, indeed, any of the other products in the Fox Micron range, our customer services team are always on hand to provide any assistance.

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Fox Micron MX+ Alarm

  • Brand: Fox
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